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Code of Ethics


Below you will find the most current revision of the Code of Ethics of our club. The original Code of Ethics was adopted by the Board of Directors on April 20, 1997, after many drafts, long discussions, review of other national breed clubs’ Codes, and consideration of input from the membership. The Code’s nature is not punitive, but rather a guideline that is informational and states the accepted norm in dogs of members in our club.

Recommendations that have changed from prior versions of this Code of Ethics are intended to apply in a forward-looking manner. For example, screening examinations that were in accordance with the Code of Ethics in effect at the time such screening examinations were performed will remain acceptable. In all such circumstances, every reasonable effort should be made to parallel as closely as possible the spirit of the most current Code.

This Code will appear in the booklet Acquiring a dog and in new member packets. New members, by their application, agree to abide by and follow the guidelines outlined in the Code of Ethics. Current members, by their annual renewal, reaffirm their agreement to follow the guidelines of this Code. Our Club of America endorses the following Code of Ethics for its members.

Responsibilities As A Dog Owner

Members must ensure that their dogs are kept safe and under control at all times. Members should properly train their dogs so that they are an asset to their community and not a nuisance. Dogs must be maintained with their safety and good health in mind at all times, including adequate and appropriate attention, socialization, grooming, feeding, veterinary care, housing, and exercise.

Responsibilities As A Member Of Our Club

Members should keep in mind that they and their dogs represent the breed, Our Club, and the sport of purebred dogs in general. They are expected to maintain good sportsmanship at all events and competitions, abiding by the applicable rules and regulations. Members’ conduct should always be in accordance with the objectives and intent of the Bylaws (available at www.Our

Members are urged to accept the offiicial standard of the breeds as approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC), or the standard of the country in which they reside or exhibit, as the description of the ideal temperament and physical qualities by which the breed is to be judged. Members are also encouraged to take opportunities when available to educate the public about the breed and Our Club.

Responsibilities As A Breeder

General Guidelines

I. Overview

members who breed  are encouraged to maintain the purpose of the breed, and select breeding stock with the objectives of in mind; that is:

  • Recognizing that the  breed was developed as a indicated in the Breed Standard, to encourage improvement by careful and selective breeding of the dogs that possess the appearance, structure, soundness, temperament, natural ability, and personality that are characterized in the standard of the breed, and to do all possible to advance and promote these qualities. 

II. Dealing with Others

members are expected to demonstrate fairness and honesty – including full disclosure – in dealing with other owners and breeders, purchasers of dogs, and the general public. Owners of dogs involved in a breeding or sale should ensure that appropriate documentation is readily available to those concerned regarding results of screening examinations as recommended below. If any such examinations have not been done, this should be stated; and any major past or present health or temperament concerns should be disclosed.

III. Responsibilities to the Dogs

Members who breed should sell puppies, permit stud service, and/or lease dogs only to individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give proper care and attention to the dogs concerned, and who may be expected to act within the intent of the statements of this Code of Ethics. Members should not sell dogs at auction, or to brokers or commercial dealers. Breeders should understand that they may need to take back, or assist in finding a new home for, any dog they produce at any time in its life, if requested to do so.

IV. Record keeping

members are expected to follow AKC requirements for record keeping, identification of dogs, and registration procedures. They are encouraged to use clear, concise, written contracts to document the sale of dogs, use of stud dogs, and lease arrangements; including the use, when appropriate, of non-breeding agreements and/or Limited Registration.