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Canine Diseases and Disorders

ResearchBreeder.com is Pleased to Provide this list of Canine Diseases and Disorders

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Information included in this database includes, Disease or Disorder Name, Description, How Transferred, What to look for, How the condition is transferred, Treatment, Veterinary Information, Breeding Concerns, and a list of the breeds known to be affected. This is an invaluable tool to assist breeders in their breeding programs and the public to help determine possible diagnosis of their dogs.

Click on the column headings to list column in the desired order.  Click twice on a heading to reverse order.

ID Name Type Disease Abbreviation Known Breeds Affected
62 Tracheal Collapse Respiratory TCx Yorkshire terrier\nPomeranian\nPoodle, toy\nSkye terrier
153 Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia Cardiovascular TVDx Borzoi\nGerman shepherd\nGreat Dane\nGreat Pyrenees\nIrish setter\nLabrador retriever\nNewfoundland\nOld English sheepdog\nWeimaraner\nShih tzu
26 Urolithiasis (stones) Skin ULTSx Dalmatian\nBichon frise\nBlack Russian terrier\nDachshund\nEnglish (British) bulldog\nIrish terrier\nLarge Munsterlander\nLhasa apso\nNewfoundland\nParson (Jack) Russell terrier\nPoodle, miniature\nSchnauzer, giant\nSchnauzer, miniature\nSough African Boerboel\nWeimaraner\nYorkshire terrier\nCavalier King Charles spaniel\nDandie Dinmont Terrier\nMastiff\nShih tzu
152 Ventricular Septal Defect Cardiovascular VSDx English (British) bulldog\nKeeshond\nBrittany\nEnglish springer spaniel\nNewfoundland\nSiberian husky
65 Vertebral Stenosis (associated with cauda equina syndrome) Nervous System VSx German shepherd
33 Vitamin A-Responsive Dermatosis Skin VARDx Cocker spaniel, American\nLabrador retriever
32 Vitiligo Skin VTLGx Belgian Tervuren\nDoberman pinscher\nGerman shepherd\nRottweiler\n
88 Weimaraner Immunodeficiency Immune WIDx Weimaraner
98 X-linked muscular dystrophy Musculoskeletal XMDx Belgian sheepdog\nGolden retriever\nIrish terrier\nPointer (English pointer)\nRottweiler\nSamoyed\nSchnauzer, miniature\nGerman shorthaired pointer\nTags:
31 Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis Skin ZRDx Alaskan malamute\nDoberman pinscher\nGreat Dane\nSamoyed\nSiberian husky\nAmerican pit bull terrier\n
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