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Canine Diseases and Disorders

ResearchBreeder.com is Pleased to Provide this list of Canine Diseases and Disorders

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Information included in this database includes, Disease or Disorder Name, Description, How Transferred, What to look for, How the condition is transferred, Treatment, Veterinary Information, Breeding Concerns, and a list of the breeds known to be affected. This is an invaluable tool to assist breeders in their breeding programs and the public to help determine possible diagnosis of their dogs.

Click on the column headings to list column in the desired order.  Click twice on a heading to reverse order.

ID Name Type Disease Abbreviation Known Breeds Affected
121 Histiocytic Ulcerative Colitis Gastrointestinal HUCx Boxer\nFrench bulldog
172 Histiocytoma Blood HIStx Boxer\nDachshund\nEnglish (British) bulldog\nScottish terrier\nBull terrier\nGreyhound
170 Histiocytosis Blood HISTOCx Bernese mountain dog\nFlat-coated retriever\nGolden retriever\nRottweiler
81 Hydrocephalus Nervous System HCEPHx Boston terrier\nCairn terrier\nChihuahua\nEnglish (British) bulldog\nLhasa apso\nMaltese terrier\nManchester terrier\nPekingese\nPomeranian\nPoodle, toy\nShih tzu\nYorkshire terrier
149 Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's Syndrome) Endocrine HCDx Dachshund\nDandie Dinmont Terrier\nGerman shepherd\nPoodle, miniature\nPoodle, standard\nPoodle, toy\nRottweiler\nYorkshire terrier\nBoston terrier\nBoxer
120 Hyperlipoproteinemia Gastrointestinal HPLPx Schnauzer, miniature\nBriard
80 Hypo-/dysmyelinogenesis (shaking pup) Nervous System HYDSMx Bernese mountain dog\nChow Chow\nEnglish springer spaniel\nGolden retriever\nSamoyed\nWeimaraner
148 Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison's Disease) Endocrine HADx Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever\nSoft coated wheaten terrier\nPoodle, standard\nPortuguese water dog\nWest Highland white terrier
63 Hypoplastic Trachea Respiratory HTx English (British) bulldog\nBoston terrier
147 Hypothyroidism Endocrine HYPOTHx Afghan hound\nAiredale terrier\nBoxer\nChow chow\nCocker spaniel, American\nDoberman pinscher\nEnglish (British) bulldog\nGolden retriever\nGreat Dane\nIrish setter\nPoodle, miniature\nSchnauzer, miniature\nShar-pei (Chinese shar-pei)\nAlaskan malamute\nAmerican pit bull terrier\nBorzoi\nIrish wolfhound\nMastiff\nNewfoundland\nPomeranian\nSchnauzer, giant\nShetland sheepdog\nShiba Inu\nWelsh springer spaniel
43 Ichthyosis Skin ICHTx Doberman pinscher\nParson (Jack) Russell terrier\nWest Highland white terrier\nAmerican pit bull terrier\nCavalier King Charles spaniel\nGolden retriever
79 Idiopathic Epilepsy Nervous System IDOEPx Belgian Tervuren\nBeagle\nBernese mountain dog\nBrittany\nCocker spaniel, American\nCollie (rough and smooth)\nFox terrier, wire hair\nGerman shepherd\nGolden retriever\nIrish setter\nKeeshond\nLabrador retriever\nPoodle, miniature\nPoodle, standard\nPoodle, toy\nSaint Bernard\nSchnauzer, miniature\nBichon frise\nBorder collie\nBoxer\nCanaan dog\nCavalier King Charles spaniel\nDachshund\nEnglish springer spaniel\nHarrier\nPembroke Welsh corgi\nPharaoh hound\nShetland sheepdog\nSiberian husky\nWelsh terrier
169 Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia Blood INHAx
171 Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia Blood IMHAx Cocker spaniel, American\nCollie (rough and smooth)\nDoberman pinscher\nEnglish springer spaniel\nIrish setter\nOld English sheepdog\nPoodle, miniature\nSchnauzer, miniature
168 Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia Blood IMTx Cocker spaniel, American\nOld English sheepdog\nPoodle, miniature\nPoodle, toy
135 Imperforate Lacrimal Punctum Eye ILPx
106 Intervertebral Disk Disease Musculoskeletal IDDx Dachshund\nDoberman pinscher\nBasset hound\nBeagle\nCardigan Welsh Corgi\nFrench bulldog\nLhasa apso\nPembroke Welsh corgi\nPoodle, miniature\nShih tzu\nWelsh Corgi, Cardigan\nCocker spaniel, American\nDandie Dinmont Terrier\nPekingese\nPomeranian
118 Intestinal Lymphangiectasia Gastrointestinal ILx
146 Juvenile Hyperparathyroidism Endocrine JHYTHx
134 Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) - dry eye Eye KCSx English (British) bulldog\nLhasa apso\nPug\nWest Highland white terrier\nBloodhound\nBoston terrier\nBull terrier\nChihuahua\nCocker spaniel, American\nCocker spaniel, English\nKerry blue terrier\nPekingese\nPoodle, miniature\nSchnauzer, miniature\nSchnauzer, standard\nSealyham terrier\nShih tzu\nYorkshire terrier\nDachshund\nEnglish setter\nGordon setter\nWelsh terrier
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