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Saturday, June 27, 2020 Bartlesville Kennel Club, Inc. (3)

Show and Fees

Thank you for entering our shows.  Fees for each of the shows entered are $35.00 which includes a $2.50 processing fee. Processing fees are not refundable.


Mixed Breed dogs entering classes for Agility, Obedience, and Rally trials should mark Breed as “All-American Dog/Mixed Breed.” Sire and Dam information shall remain blank for mixed breed entrants.


if you are entering a dog of breed in which there are varieties for show purposes, please designate the particular variety you are entering, i.e., Cocker Spaniel (solid color black, ASCOB, parti-color), Beagles (not exceeding 13 in., over 13 in. but not exceeding 15 in.), Dachshunds (longhaired, smooth, wirehaired), Collies (rough, smooth), Bull Terriers (colored, white), Manchester Terriers (standard, toy), Chihuahuas (smooth coat, long coat), English Toy Spaniels (King Charles and Ruby, Blenheim and Prince Charles), Poodles (toy, miniature, standard).

Dog Show Class

Dog Show Classes

  • Puppy Class: dogs at least 6 months and under 12 months of age. The club may also further divide this class into 6-9 months and 9-12 months.
  • 12-18 Month Class: dogs at least 12 months and under 18 months old. This class may also be further divided into 12-15 months and 15-18 months by the club.
  • Novice Class: dogs that have not previously won 3 first places in Novice Class, a 1st place in Amateur-Owner-Handler, Bred-by-Exhibitor, American-bred, or Open Classes or who have not earned one or more points toward their championship.
  • Amateur-Owner-Handler Class: dogs handled by the registered owner who has not, at any point, been a professional dog handler, an AKC approved conformation judge or employed as an assistant to a professional handler.
  • Bred-by-Exhibitor Class: dogs handled and owned by its breeder.
  • American-bred Class: dogs whose sire and dam were mated in America and the dog was born in America. This is a required class.
  • Open Class: a required class that any dog may enter. This is the only regular class that Champions are eligible to complete in.
  • The following categories of dogs may be entered and shown in Best of Breed competition: Dogs that are Champions of Record and dogs which, according to their owners’ records, have completed the requirements for a championship, but whose championships are unconfirmed. The showing of unconfirmed Champions in Best of Breed competition is limited to a period of 90 days from the date of the show where the dog completed the requirements for a championship.
CLASS DIVISION (Weight, color,etc.)

(Event Class) Consult the classification in this premium list. If the event class in which you are entering your dog is divided, then, in addition to designating the class, specify the particular division of the class in which you are entering your dog, i.e, age division, color division, weight division.

Specialty Attractions

Special Attractions

Clubs may also offer special attractions in conjunction with their all-breed, group or specialty dog show. Special Attractions can include:

  • Best Puppy Competition gives the Puppy Class winners (for dogs and bitches) in each breed/variety an opportunity to be named Best Puppy in Show. All the Puppy Class 1st place winners reenter the ring following Best of Breed/Variety judging to determine Best Puppy for that breed/variety. All the Breed/Variety Best Puppy winners move on Puppy Group Competition, and the 1st place winners of each of the 7 Puppy Groups then compete for Best Puppy in Show.
  • National Owner-Handled Series recognizes and celebrates owner-handler exhibitors. Owner-Handlers compete in the regular classes with the NOHS Best of Breed award given at the end of regular judging. The NOHS entry process is simple (just check the owner-handler box on your entry form) and it requires no additional fee.


Sweepstakes are a non-regular competition offered in addition to regular classes and are primarily held at specialty dog shows. If a specialty show is held in conjunction with an All-Breed or Group show, sweepstakes competition may also be offered. The show’s premium list will include all relevant information about this competition.

Sweepstakes are specifically designed to recognize outstanding puppies and young dogs (Puppy Sweeps) and older dogs (Veteran Sweeps) and a separate judge is assigned to this competition. All class divisions, requirements, and conditions are established by the club. No championship points are awarded. Winners receive a portion of the entry fees as a prize for their placements.

Additional Classes
Junior Showmanship

Junior Showmanship

The information in this section MUST be included if you are entering the Junior Showmanship Competition. Should you not have your Junior Handler number, this may be obtained from the American Kennel Club. Phone: (919) 233-9767.

 If this entry is for Junior Showmanship, please give the following information:

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